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AAVE rejected Justin Sun’s crypto wallet due to…

AAVE rejected Justin Sun's crypto wallet due to…

A crypto wallet belonging to TRON (TRON) blockchain CEO Justin Sun blocked the DeFi Aave protocol because it was linked to Tornado Cash transactions.

The Sun announced this via Twitter on Saturday (August 15, 2022). According to him, the wallet was blocked after receiving a deposit of 0.1 Ether (ETH) from an unknown address using Tornado Cash.

The incident is one of the effects of sanctions imposed by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash is a privacy protocol that Ethereum users use to protect transaction data. OFAC states that the protocol used Lazargroup hacker North Korean origin, to cover our tracks.

In addition, OFAC accuses Tornado Cash of committing money laundering 100 million US dollars from hacking Harmony Bridge and Nomad Bridge. After the sanctions were introduced, server The Discord and Tornado Cash pages are shutting down.

Guru watcher reported that authorities have also detained Tornado Cash’s developer in the Netherlands. The Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) arrested Alexey Pertsev on August 10.

FIOD accuses Pertsev of involvement in closing criminal financial traces and assisting money laundering using Tornado Cash.

This chain of events causes DeFi protocols such as Aave to implement massive transaction blocking associated with Tornado Cash.


Not just Justin Sun

Over the past few days, a number of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) addresses belonging to prominent figures in the crypto industry have received 0.1 ETH from OFAC approved addresses. This is called a form of protest by the crypto community.

ENS addresses receiving ETH from Tornado Cash are starting to be blocked by DeFi protocols such as Aave and Uniswap. PeckShield reports that the number of blocked addresses has reached 600 addresses.

In addition to Sun, other industry figures facing address blocking include Anthony Sassano, founder of ETH Hub, and Shixing Mao, co-founder Cobo crypto custodian.

Blocked users can still access smart contract Using the DeFi protocol front end different. Because the DeFi protocol only blocks access to files front end.

However, US-based DeFi protocols can perform block-level smart contract. [ed]

Bitcoin Evolution


Bitcoin Evolution

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