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Argentinian capital ready to back Ethereum as…

Argentinian capital ready to back Ethereum as…

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, will host the series validator node Ethereum (ETH) 2023 Diego Fernandez, the city’s secretary for digital innovation and transformation, said at the ETH Latam event, an Ethereum convention held in the city.

Fernandez explains the benefits his party expects from the project validator node That is, to deepen the understanding of technology blockchain Ethereum and regulations so that Buenos Aires can develop proper rules for crypto assets.

Buenos Aires ready to support Ethereum (ETH) report, knot it will be managed in partnership with private companies. A private party will manage the launch hardware knot that.

Fernandez did not provide further details on the amount knot which will be done or the exact date of activation of the program.

Nevertheless, Buenos Aires became a pioneering city in Latin America which knot crypto assets independently through the Ethereum project.

Buenos Aires’ interest in crypto assets and blockchain structures is not new. Since the beginning of 2022, the city has been interested in solutions based on cryptography and proposed them.

In April, Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta announced that citizens will be able to pay taxes using crypto assets. He explained that crypto assets will be converted into Argentine pesos so that the government does not accept crypto directly from citizens.

The government of Buenos Aires is also evolving platform for integrating citizens’ identities with blockchain-based systems. Platform The name TangoID has been in the works since last March and is scheduled to launch in January 2023.


Responding to this project, Fernandez said that the goal is to build a system of digital interaction that begins with the exchange of documents and personal information in accordance with the agreements of citizens.

TangoID already has white paper available to citizens. Platform it carries the concept of identity sovereignty and will be built on it Starkwareprotocol layer 2 Ethereum.

The TangoID project is in compliance with the Argentine government.

In 2019, the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank, together with NEC Argentina and the civil association DECODES, published a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a blockchain-based digital identity project.

The project aims to increase access to quality goods and services for citizens through a digital identity that is portable, secure, transparent and sovereign. [ed]

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