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Bitcoin miners earn $10 billion, while…

Bitcoin miners earn $10 billion, while…

According to the latest data, the results of Bitcoin miners seem to have surpassed the results of Ethereum miners during the year 2022.

Since the beginning, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been considered rivals in attracting large investors, and both have been at the top in terms of the largest market capitalization.

In fact, Ethereum currently has almost half of the market capitalization BTC. This indicates that there is strong enthusiasm among Ether supporters to continue competing with the major cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the approach to consensus shift to proof of stake (PoS), it seems that miners are even more eager to get Ether (ETH) coins.


Bitcoin Miner outperformed ETH Miner

Based on data published by Arcane Research News from the world of EthereumETH miners earn more than Bitcoin miners.

ETH miners have earned $11 billion so far in 2022, $1 billion more than Bitcoin miners with $10 billion.

Before updating Connectionminers get excited because they will be obsolete later because new coins will no longer be minted by mining, but by role.

Through rolenetwork validation will rely on ETH coins stored and locked in crypto wallets, so every mechanism in the network will change.


At this point, it is still not clear what will be the fate of the miners after the consensus change.

However, there is a community idea to form the Ethereum network by maintaining the current version of the ETH blockchain and retaining the role of miners in the PoW ecosystem.

Of course, all this is still possible, Ethereum developers are not giving a definitive word on the matter.

The Promise of Justin Sun

TRON founder Justin Sun expressed his support hard fork Ethereum and expect Connection succeed.

To show his support, this NFT enthusiast has pledged to donate 1 million ETH coins if the community is successful and successful in running hard fork.

“Currently we have more than 1 million ETH. If hard fork Ethereum is successful, we will donate some of the ETHW that is collectedjaw community and programmer ETHW to build the Ethereum ecosystem,” Sun said in a tweet Twitterher. [st]

Bitcoin Evolution


Bitcoin Evolution

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