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Degree Crypto Token Burn DCT Setara More Gift…

Degree Crypto Token Burn DCT Setara More Gift...

Indonesian crypto project, Degree Crypto Token, has announced that it has destroyed aliases burn as much as 3,784 DCT or the equivalent of more than IDR 30 billion on Wednesday (23/11/2022) in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Crypto Token Degree Program Burning I was conducted in conjunction with the 2021 Ambassador Training Camp at the summit of Bogor, Indonesia in December 2022. At that time, the Crypto Token Degree Co-Founders conducted worse even 189 DCT or worth more than IDR 1 billion.

In 2022, Degree Crypto Token is again conducting a similar program, Degree Crypto Token I Burning Program on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 in Cappadocia, Turkey, in connection with the event “Konakami goes to Turkiye 2022” with 100 participants who are big family of PT Konakami Digital Indonesia.

Procedure worse which is carried out in the open st Co-founderDobby Lega Putra, Cuncun Wahyudi and Tanza Fourlong.


Everyone directly witnessed the process top management and st ambassador and extraordinary agent PT Konakami Digital Indonesia and broadcast live through several social media.

“Today will once again be a special historical record for the development and journey of Degree Crypto Token, that there are 3,784 DCTs equivalent to or worth more than 2.2 million US dollars (more than 30 billion rupees) in-burn. Alhamdulillah This exceeded our goal of US$1 million,” said Dobby Lega Putra Co-founder DCT and CEO of PT Konakami Digital Indonesia in his address to the participants of Konakami Goes to Turkiye 2022.

On the same occasion, Tanza Fourlong was one of them Co-founder Degree Crypto Token also said that this program is one of the methods adopted by Degree Crypto Token which is inspired by the success of other crypto asset projects.

God’s will we will burn this DCT token at the end of each year in the current year. The goal is to systematically reduce or control the circulation of tokens from the existing circulating supply in the hope that this will affect token liquidity and ultimately have a positive effect on user/investor enthusiasm,” Tanza said.

Quoting from white paper Degree Crypto Token, worse to DCT tokens is also carried out in a programmatic and open manner to support the transparency of recording management, with PT Konakami Digital Indonesia willing to ensure that 20 percent of the software sales turnover (DCT Miner) is annually used to record DCT tokens from existing circulations.

Crypto Token Degree based on TRC20 technology is claimed to be quite popular in Indonesia and several other Asian countries because apart from having a strong and solid community, it also adopts and applies 3 concepts namely halving, role and worse.

At the end of the session worse program Cuncun Wahyudi conveyed this to the participants that in 2023 Co-founder DCT aimed to burn at least USD 5 million worth of tokens or the equivalent of Rp. 75 billion.

According to the tracking results on Coinmarketcap, on November 23, 2023, the price of DCT surged and managed to break the all-time high of USD 590 or more than IDR 9 million per DCT during 2022.

Konakami Digital Indonesia holds the latest crypto discussion with Trade Deputy Minister Jerry Sambuag

Another positive effect of DCT burning can also be seen from the increase in DCT transaction volume which has the effect of increasing the Degree Crypto Token (DCT) score from over 3000 to 2000 on Coinmarketcap.

And a few days earlier, Degree Crypto Token also managed to write a new history, more precisely on Saturday (11/19/2022) it was included in Coinmarketcap’s Top Gainers for the first time.

Crypto Token Degree traded at $9 per DCT during the pre-sale period in March 2020 and reached the ATH of 2021 at $580. [ps]

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