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Dogecoin better than Cardano (ADA) — …

Dogecoin better than Cardano (ADA) — ...

Billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says Dogecoin (DOGE) is better than Cardano (ADA). DOGE is a crypto asset memes which is very popular, while ADA is a blockchain Proof of stake which has a wide range of applications.

According to Cuban, market capitalization is closely related to the relative valuation of crypto assets. A high market capitalization means that a crypto asset is valuable.

Dogecoin better than Cardano (ADA)?

Nasdaq report, ADA has a market capitalization of US$18 billion, which is almost double DOGE’s market capitalization of US$9.4 billion. This means that ADA is more valuable than DOGA.

Although DOGE has a lower market capitalization, Cuban he said that the scale is easy to manipulate. Developers can take a number of steps to increase their market capitalization value.

As a well-known investor in television shows Aquarium for sharks, Cuban sees blockchain as a business. It looks for evidence that a particular blockchain actually creates value for its users.

This can be in the form of earnings, new applications that users use, or the number of transactions experienced by a particular blockchain.

As for Cardano, Cuban sees no value creation on the blockchain. According to Cubano, Cardano is not making a profit so it is not interested in investing in its original coin, ADA.

However, Cardano has added a feature smart contract in September 2021. Since then there have been hundreds project and various decentralized applications built on top of Cardano, including NFT, the metaverse and Def.


Cuban uses a venture capitalist mindset to compare DOGA and the ADA. Venture capitalists judge companies based on their future potential.

According to Cuban, DOGE has a more promising future than ADA. He said the DOGE has more enforcement potential than the ADA.

Dogecoin announces plans at the end of 2021, but there is no set date yet for achieving the set goals. In addition, Dogecoin still uses Proof of work considered harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, Cardano is running Proof of stake and will perform a technological update in the near future. In this sense, Cardano looks superior to Dogecoin.

Cuban admits that the price of DOGE is closely related to the sentiment of the investor community, so it is highly speculative. While Cardano has a clear development plan although it will take a long time. [ed]

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Bitcoin Evolution

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