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SHIB Whale “Anon” President 150 billion SHIB — Blo…

SHIB Whale "Anon" President 150 billion SHIB — Blo...

In parallel with the development of the ecosystem, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token is being picked up again by investors whale, 150 billion tokens.

Amid a market that is beginning to try to recover from a sluggish US dollar index and its fall yield US Treasury, the crypto market is starting to try to build its own momentum.

Although the tokens memes less popular today, but the Shiba Inu has earned its place in the hearts of investors because of its developers who continue to work hard behind the scenes.

Whale Kembali president of SHIB

This October seems to be “Shiba Inu Month” as it comes out game their cryptocurrency Shiba Eternity.


game It was also confirmed that it will donate 5 percent of its income to the mechanism burnincreasing the opportunity for continued faster reductions in circulating supply.

In addition, the network layer-2 Shibarium is rumored to launch this month or later this year. So, price SHIB has indeed been positively impacted since July 2022.

This slow but steady development of the ecosystem continues to attract large investors, the latest of which are known to exist whale anonymous who grabbed another 150 billion SHIB tokens.

Based on the report Watcher Newsinvestor whale single moved those billions of SHIB tokens to wallet addresses on crypto exchange


Before pouring so many chips, whale it is known that he already holds 23.9 trillion SHIB in his personal crypto wallet.

Previously, investors whale others dived higher, which is how much 560 billion SHIB, which seems to reflect their belief that the Shiba Inu project will continue to grow in the future.

And in the short term, investors whale it is also possible to predict a jump in prices before or after the release of the “Download Day” campaign from game Shiba Eternity for Android and iOS mobile devices.

However, only time will tell what effect its release will have game the original Shiba Inu.


In addition, game it must also be able to contend for many users in order to compete among hundreds of users game other cryptocurrencies, because it is a very competitive sector. Let’s see. [st]

Bitcoin Evolution


Bitcoin Evolution

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