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SHIB’s burn rate increases by 1081 percent, replacing…

SHIB's burn rate increases by 1081 percent, replacing...

According to the portal burning rate Shiba Inu (SHIB), burning rate or destruction of tokens SHIB jumped 1081.96 percent. The surge was caused by a single Shib Burn Project transaction that destroyed tokens reaching 127.8 million SHIB worth $1143 USD.

The Shib Burn project has three sources of income, namely Twitter Super Followers, a data page burning rate and Shib Burn Radio. The project donated 40 percent of profits to the destruction of Shiba Inu tokens.

Menanti Shibarium, Burning rate SHIB Melesat

The Shib Burn website reveals that 127 million SHIBs destroyed came from just one source of income. Earnings from Twitter Super Followers and Shib Burn Radio are yet to be counted.

Among the planned Shiba Inu updates, Shibarium is the most anticipated by the Shiba Army community. SHIB investors expect the launch of Shibarium to have a positive impact on the price of the token memecoin the.


Shiba Swap developer Shytoshi Kusama said nothing will stop Shibarium’s development. This statement was supported by the SHIB community who requested that Shytoshi prioritize the launch of Shibarium, even if he has to postpone other projects.

Shytoshi’s message strengthened the faith of SHIB fans and users.

Shibarium, solution layer-2 SHIB was originally planned to be active in the third quarter of 2022. However, the development team was forced to delay the launch due to technical limitations.

Despite the delays, the Shiba Inu team has promised the SHIB community that Shibarium will be launched in the near future after the third quarter.

The price of SHIB experienced positive movement in the last 24 hours as it gained 8.7 percent. In addition, SHIB’s market capitalization climbed back above US$5 billion after falling below that figure.

But SHIB hit a major roadblock after falling below $0.00001. Currently, Guru watcher reported SHIB price at $0.00000904.

SHIB transaction volume also skyrocketed with token movements reaching one trillion SHIB. The 160 billion SHIB that were transferred is owned by crypto exchange, as the exchange makes transfers between wallets.

Recently, reported that 20 percent of their reserve funds are stored in the form of SHIB. [ed]

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