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This British man did not give up the search for his wallet…

This British man did not give up the search for his wallet...

A list of the most popular crypto news of the past week, most of which relate to the premier crypto, Bitcoin. Starting from This Briton does not give up the search Bitcoin wallet IDR 2.7 trillion lost in 110,000 tons of garbage pile to Bitcoin price prediction, potentially up to 28 thousand USD.

Here are the top 9 crypto news of the week (July 23 – July 29, 2022), which we have summarized.

1. With a capital of IDR 164 billion, this British man does not give up the search for a Bitcoin wallet of IDR 2.7 trillion that was lost in a pile of 110 thousand tons of garbage

Claiming to have pocketed the equivalent of IDR 164 billion in capital, this British man has not given up his search for the Bitcoin wallet, now worth IDR 2.7 trillion, which was lost in 2013 in a landfill.

2. Robert Kiyosaki, Predictions of the Great American Depression and the Fate of Bitcoin

The discourse on the potential for a recession is not over, now the discourse on the possibility of a great depression in the USA, repeated by Robert Kiyosaki, confirms his previous opinion, in addition to the prediction of the writer James Rickards for the year 2020. This is the scenario for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if a major depression occurs in the future.


3. Bitcoin Price Will Break $500k, Mike Novogratz Said, After Big Loss In Terra Luna

Although he regrets investing in Terra LUNA, due to the huge loss, Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Mike Novogratz believes that the price of Bitcoin will penetrate to 500 thousand US dollars per BTC.

4. Earnings of 1.1 million US dollars in crypto trading results, three US citizens sued in court

Three US citizens, Ishan Wahi, Nikhil Wahi and Sameer Ramani, have been sued by the SEC over US$1.1 million in crypto trading profits. A lawyer and the head of Coinbase condemned this “SEC move”.

5. Economist: The Fed has the potential to print another US dollar

Economist Luke Gromen believes the Fed has the potential to print more US dollars if the US central bank continues to raise interest rates.

6. Discovered! This is why the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been strengthening recently

Several analysts have explored the causes behind the recent rally in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

7. Measurement Considering that the price of Bitcoin is 0 US dollars

Although the price of Bitcoin has continued to rise for over a decade, there still seems to be a lot of concern around the $0 price.

8. Bitcoin price loses bullish momentum, potentially down 33 percent

Influential crypto trader Tone Vays said Bitcoin price has lost momentum, falling to around $21,500. Because of this, he claims, the cryptocurrency could fall by 33 percent compared to the current level.

9. Bitcoin price prediction, potentially up to 28k USD, this is an important point

Bitcoin price predictions are increasingly visible as the crypto market recovery continues to form in recent days. [ab]

Bitcoin Evolution


Bitcoin Evolution

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