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Wow! It turns out that the deputy mayor of New York has…

Wow!  It turns out that the deputy mayor of New York has…

Support and acceptance of the major crypto assets, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), continues to grow amid bearish crypto market.

A strong long-term outlook, especially looking at the historical price movements of the two coins, has brought an unstoppable wave of support. This does crypto winter you feel less “cold” while waiting for spring.

And this time, it seems that the support and endorsement came from one of New York’s leading figures, Deputy Mayor Eric Adams.

Eric Adams owns Bitcoin and ETH

Based on the report Watcher NewsEric Adams has shown his support for crypto assets several times, where he is known to own major crypto assets, Bitcoin and ETH.


Eric also revealed that he pocketed two coins, ranging from US$15,000 to US$150,000, equivalent to 2.2 billion rupiah.

Of course, this is good news, although not so surprising, since he has previously expressed his desire to turn the city he leads into a hub for crypto enthusiasts.

It is known that the deputy mayor also received a salary in the form of Bitcoin.

So enthusiastic, Adams has received a lot of positive feedback, and no dislikes, for the adoption of Bitcoin in the city.


In addition, he also suggested that New York owning your own cryptocurrency, but that sounds impossible because it’s against US currency rules, especially for the city.

Despite everything, Adams is a person who strongly supports crypto assets, which will surely have a positive impact on the development of the industry in the American city in the future.

BTC technical analysis

And looking at the BTC price movement technically, there are currently two prices on the chart above support area interesting to be the basis for determining the price.

The price action that slowly started to fall became a good correction base to try to build a bounce support area above.

Of course, there could potentially be a rebound.”if a selling action is formed, it is only mild,” didn’t penetrate a strong that could potentially thwart the function support area. This principle of analysis also applies to support area down. [st]

Bitcoin Evolution


Bitcoin Evolution

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